One of the most mysterious records of Trojan basketball is one of the most prestigious, that being the list of Trojans who have scored at least 1,000 points in their career at PHS. There have a number of players who have reached that milestone with exact point totals, some who reached it but exact point totals are not known, and then there are some who are on the cusp if not a member of this exclusive club. Former Trojan Jeff Lisath did some research in 2009 and found that 3 other players besides Craig Tubbs (1,485 points–PHS all-time leader) reached 1,000+ points and he posted their exact point totals. Larry Hisle (1965), scored 1,375 to come in 2nd to Tubbs. Jeff Lisath (1978) himself ranks 3rd on the list with 1,256 points, while Damond Mannon (1992) tallied 1,057 in his career.

The mystery behind this record is that previous attempts to make this category were not followed through and kept up to date. Therefore, there are a number of players who may or may not have made 1,000+ points in their Trojan careers. Two of recent memory who did for a fact reach 1,000+ were Dion McKinley and Wayne Evans, who both accomplished the feat in 2012, but whose exact point totals have not been posted as of this date. Andrew Bendolph scored 1,000+, but he spent his junior year at Wheelersburg. Still, he helped lead the Trojans in his senior year to the Final 4 in 2011. Leroy Carr was virtually in a dead heat point wise with Larry Hisle in his junior year of 1953, and Carr went on to average 23.6 PPG his senior year of 1954.

Several other players either scored 1,000+ or came close to that mark. Phil Whitehead (1988-1991) is one of the few players in Trojans history to play 4 years on the varsity, albeit his freshman year did not see major minutes. Still, Whitehead racked up a bunch of points in his final 3 seasons, and also averaged just under 20 PPG his senior year of 1991. Darnell Lisath (1994) averaged 20.0 his senior year of 1994, and scored 38 vs. Greenfield McClain in the 1994 district championship, still a Trojan record for most points scored in any tournament game. Mike Lovenguth (1972) had a fabulous career for the Trojans, but it not known if he did indeed reach the 1,000 points total. He did score 36 points vs. Celina in the 1972 regional final, which is the most points ever scored by a Trojan past district play. Mike Haley (1961) scored 22.0 PPG in his senior year for the state champion Trojans, but it is unknown as to his official career point total.

Just this past Saturday, junior Kyre Allison passed the 1,000 point mark for his career with a buzzer beating bucket vs. Gallia Academy as the first half ended. Allison, a starter since his freshman year, will break Craig Tubbs all-time record sometime during his senior season, barring injury. Allison also has scored 30+ points in a game 4 times.

For right now, these are the following players who have reached 1,000+ points for their Trojan careers.

1. Kyre Allison………1,688 (2016)
2. Craig Tubbs……..1,485 (1979)
3. Larry Hisle……….1,375 (1965)
4. Kendal Reynolds 1,341 (2017)
5. Jeff Lisath………..1,256 (1978)
6.(tie) Dion McKinley….1,096 (2012)
6.(tie) Wayne Evans…..1,096 (2012)
8. Damond Mannon…….1,057 (1992)
9. Leroy Carr (1954)
10. Andrew Bendolph (2011)

Others close to or exceeding 1,000: Phil Whitehead (1991), Darnell Lisath (1994), Mike Lovenguth (1972), Mike Haley (1961)

Update Sept. 17, 2015: Thanks to Coach Eugene Collins for providing career totals for Dion McKinley and Wayne Evans. Interesting in that the two players ended with the same exact point total.