Here are the leaders in various statistical categories in the 2015-2016 season. To qualify, there must be a reasonable number available.

Leading scorer: Kyre Allison 21.8 PPG
Leading rebounder: Kyre Allison 161; 6.7 RPG
Leading 2 pt. shooter: Kyre Allison 57%
Leading 3 pt. shooter: Mike Malone 45%
Leader in FT shooting: Ethan Leonard 83%
Leader in assists: Kyre Allison 87; 3.6 APG
Steals leader: Kyre Allison 59
Blocked shots leader: Kyre Allison 13
Turnovers leader: Kyre Allison 67
Fouls leader: Kyre Allison, Kendal Reynolds 62

Here are a few team statistics from that season:

Best team shooting pct: 58% vs. Huntington St.Joe(WV) in a 72-61 loss
Most rebounds by the Trojans: 41 vs. West Union in a 67-30 win
Most steals by the Trojans: 24 vs. West Union in a 67-30 win
Most assists by the Trojans: 20 vs. Chesapeake in a 72-62 win