Previously it was posted that Kendal Reynolds had passed Larry Hisle into 3rd place all time on the Trojans career scoring list. That was in error due to unofficial point totals that were reported without true verification. As of 3/22/2017, Kendal is 4th on the Trojans all time scoring list, just behind Larry Hisle’s 1,375. His official total has not been finalized, but it is not the 1,400+ plus that was previously reported. My apologies for reporting this without full verification. Coach Eugene Collins, assistant coach Matt Payton, and myself have been working to list the 1,000 career point scorers in PHS history. Sometimes it can be difficult to report exact point totals for a 4 year career, but the 3 of us are trying to compile as accurate a list as possible that will be a permanent part of Portsmouth’s basketball history. The topic “1,000 point scorers in PHS history” has been updated to reflect this information.

Update 4/12/2017: Kendal Reynolds unofficial career point total is now 1,341. That total has not been completely confirmed yet, but should be in the near future. The official total will be posted when finalized.

Update 5/1/2017: Kendal’s point total is officially 1,341, which puts him in 4th place on the all time Trojans scoring list, behind Kyre Allison (1,688), Craig Tubbs (1,485), and Larry Hisle (1,375).