Because of Akron St.Vincent-St.Mary’s 2018 D2 state title, a couple of items had to be updated. Those included the all time leaders in state tournament games played and all time leaders in state tournament wins. SVSM passed Portsmouth into 3rd place for the all time number of state tournament wins, with 18, compared to Portsmouth’s 16. The Trojans are now tied for 4th with Middletown with those 16 wins. Also, the Irish now have played in 25 state tournament games, passing Middletown into 4th place all time. Portsmouth remains in 3rd with 27 state games played. Also, SVSM passed Middletown with the 2018 state title being their 8th, as the Middies held first place with 7 since 1957.

4/19/2018: After reviewing several topics, they needed to updated with the corrected info, and those corrections have been made. One item that needed updated was Portsmouth’s record vs. Chillicothe in tournament play. The Trojans are 4-0 against the Cavaliers in the district championship. PHS beat CHS in 1960 for the district title, and this year was added to the previously reported years of 1950, 1951, and 1961. The Trojans overall record of 9-4 vs. the Cavaliers in tournament play remains the same.